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HEY! That's not an Aloha-shirt!

Hi! I'm Phil Appelbaum. I am THUNDER DIGITAL.

I've been making noise since 1956... I've been making noise professionally since 1971. I was born and raised just outside of Chicago (where I had my first recording studio gig) and have been living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on and off, since 1974. My business began in 1982, after a brief stint working in L.A. (I promise I won't rant about the L.A. freeways). When I started the business, it was called Bogus Thunder, but in the late '80s, a more credible moniker seemed appropriate... and thus... THUNDER DIGITAL was born.

If you're interested, here are some (partial) lists of the people I've worked with, the work we've created, and the awards (how pretentious!) we've received:

Artists --- Commercially Released --- New Mexico 'MIC' Awards

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