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CD-R (recordable CD)


The CD-Recordable disc (or CD-R) is physically different from a regular manufactured CD. Though the CD-R specifications require that an audio CD-R play back in any audio CD player, there are some CD players (usually older and/or in disrepair) that will have problems playing these discs. I have tested these discs in more than 30 different CD players and only found one that had problems with these discs (that same player no longer functions at all). Also, it should be noted that, whereas most DVD players will play manufactured CDs, and most of today's DVD players will play CD-Rs, some older DVD players will NOT play CD-Rs.

CD-R discs are more susceptible to damage than a regular CD. If you follow these simple suggestions, your CD-Rs will enjoy a long and healthy life:

The data side (bottom) of the disc must remain
free from scratches, fingerprints, dust, etc.

Cleaning the disc can damage it, consult a
professional if this becomes necessary

NEVER touch either surface of a CD-R

ALWAYS handle a CD-R by the edges (or center hole)

NEVER set a CD-R down on a hard surface

ALWAYS return disc to jewel-box when done

NEVER write on the data side of the disc

If you must write on a disc, write ONLY on the label side (top) of a CD-R... and ONLY with an approved marking device such as felt-tip, non-toxic permanent ink

NEVER leave an unprotected disc in direct sunlight

DO NOT expose a CD-R to excessively hot and/or humid environments

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